Concert Bands I AND II

Wind Ensemble membership requires an audition in order to be invited to join.  Concert Band I,also called ”Freshman” band, includes all freshman who do not join   Wind Ensemble. Concert Band II is a non-audition group of upperclassmen with an open door policy for membership.

The Concert Bands rehearse during their respective class periods during the school day. In addition, an evening rehearsal may be scheduled before each of the concert performances. The school’s Concert Bands perform two major concerts yearly: a Winter Concert during the second week of December and the Spring Concert in April or May.  Attendance at both concerts is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in a student receiving a failing grade for the term. This is a music department-wide policy.

Wind Ensemble membership is determined by audition in the spring. Even those who are in the band will be re-auditioned for seating. Auditions for rising freshmen will occur during the month of April. Auditions are conducted one-on-one with the director and the auditioning student. Audition materials include scales/chromatic, a prepared piece of the student’s choice, and sight-reading. Students should select a piece which adequately displays their playing ability from both a musical as well as a technical standpoint. Central District solos are appropriate for audition.