Uniform Information by Band

Students are responsible for care of their uniforms and equipment required by Marching Band.  Label all of your equipment well.

Summer Marching Band Uniform  In  the early marching season, when it is too warm to wear the school-owned uniform, students are required to purchase their summer uniform:  A navy blue Grimsley polo shirt with the band logo  on it, white shorts (Bermuda type shorts, not nylon gym shorts), white socks, and white tennis shoes. The drumline wears a white Grimsley polo shirt and navy blue shorts. Polo shirts are purchased by the student, approximately $15.00.

Winter Marching Band Uniform The marching band uniform is owned by the school and worn during cooler weather.  It consists of a hat, overlay, jacket, pants. Students provide the black socks and Dinkles to complete the uniform. Instructions for the care and maintenance  of uniforms will be shared with the students early in the year. Students are responsible for ensuring  the complete uniform is returned in good condition at the end of the year.

There is a $30 cleaning fee each year.  The cleaning fee must be paid before a student receives their winter uniform.

Dinkles (marching band shoes) are a required part of the winter uniform.  Students order Dinkles during the uniform fitting.  New Dinkles are $30 a pair.  Used Dinkles are $5 a pair.  We have a limited number of used Dinkles.  Please be sure your student purchases Dinkles that are large enough to last several years.


Flip Folder – holds your marching band music for playing in the stands during football games, but not be used on the field. Purchased by the student.

Lyre –   attaches to the instrument holds the flip folder. Purchased by the student. 

Summer Uniform

What are Dinkles?

Dinkles are the black marching shoes band members must wear with the uniform. Students can order these through the Band Boosters for $30. When feet outgrow the shoes students can donate them to the Boosters. Students may purchase used Dinkles for $5 on a first come first serve basis.  We have a limited number of Dinkles available each year.